Business Development

There are many paths to take, only a few lead you to success.

How we can be your feet on the ground

Your virtual local branch

In SE Asia, relationships and face to face experience is crucial to obtain results. We help your company achieve just that. Whether your client is in Kuala Lumpur or elsewhere, we are never more than 2-3hrs away from giving a best in class Customer Service.

Expanding your business reach while avoiding the costs of an overseas office? When starting an international venture, exploring a new market or chasing that far away opportunity, it's a challenge knowing where to start. We are well positioned to help you hit the ground running. If you're satisfied, we can expand our services throughout your sales or project execution phases too.

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What can we do for you?

  • Establish contact with the right people
  • Build your relationships
  • Advise Solutions or Strategy
  • Promote your products or services
  • Register your company for local bids or tenders