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We are a Company with a proven track record of achieving targeted results for our Principals, and we can do the same for you...!.

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At mpx energy, our people have unrivaled experience and understanding of the needs of the global offshore energy industry. The various Services we provider are driven by evolving market demand and the facts on the ground in Malaysia and the region.

mpx energy believes global trade will provide the world with safe, sustainable and affordable revenues and we offer our experience in Malaysia and SE Asia to make that happen. Knowing how to go about getting things done in this region of the world is essential for success. mpx energy has an important role to play in the development of local business and is uniquely positioned to support foreign parties in achieving their local objectives.

The Company’s main activities are Business Development, Sales and other support services for its foreign Principals, with the main objective of creating sustainable and consistent business opportunities in the regional oil and gas industry.

Furthermore, the Company also provides Financial Services such as accounting, bookkeeping and tax related services. The Company is a market leader in providing services to the local oil and gas business.

The Company is committed to conducting business in a sustainable way over the long-term by developing close relationships with principals, local people, communities and businesses, and by safeguarding the natural environment.

It is our goal and driving ambition to be the trusted partner of choice, delivering reliable and complete solutions that create value for mpx energy’s clients, by sustainably and passionately leveraging the Company’s operating experience.

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