Project Support

No matter the phase of a project your company has in the region, we can be there to do your part and ensure a smooth interface.

Getting things done right the first time!

Representing you

During the recent pandemic, we learned how to use video conferencing tools and other features to overcome a long distance. However, this is a short term solution, albeit an excellent one. In the longer term, it is essential in SE Asia to have face to face contact and build local relationships on more than just a face on a screen. We are here, available in a matter of hours, and can represent your company as if you were here yourself at a fraction of the costs.

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Rather than having your own office in SE Asia, let us support you with:

  • Interface support
  • On-site presence (office, yard, supplier) 
  • Available at local and EU times for reviews
  • maintaining local relationships
  • making sure you get paid