Sales of equipment & services

Your clients deserve the best support and attention when buying your Product or Service. Let us support you in a role that works for you and saves you money too.

Give your clients peace of mind

a local point of contact for your sales

Buyers want the Sellers to be available when needed. For product support, training, warranty or any kind of service that may be required. In particular for products or services in a new market where Seller may not have a presence (yet).

A local point of contact that can provide a first response or service to buyers can play a large role in convincing potential buyers to go the last mile. Let us be that local point of contact and give your sales a boost!

A local branch office comes at a substantial cost and the hassle to comply with local rules and regulations... We offer you the option to have it both ways...You get your local presence at a fraction of its cost.

We can do the following:

  • Your sales pitch in front of clients
  • Register your company for local bids or tenders
  • Liaise with your Tender Department
  • Coordinate local Legal Advice
  • Informal follow-up post sales
  • Making sure you get paid