Customer Service

The best Clients are repetitive Clients. First class Customer Service plays a large part in making your Clients come back for more.

Consistency, Consistency and Consistency...

We don't drop balls and are there when needed

We expect top-notch performance from our own suppliers and partners, so our clients can experience the same from us. SE Asia has its local challenges and that gives us the opportunity to outperform others. Strong local relationships help us to achieve just that. Why not let this benefit you?

Suppliers of critical or complicated equipment, in particular, can benefit from our service whereby we act as the local point of contact and first responders in case of need. This not only makes your client feel he or she is being heard quickly, but we may also be able to solve the issue by the time your office opens in the EU or the US.

In a global playfield, it is essential for success to have a local presence. We can be that for you. 

  • Available at local times
  • Quick on-site response
  • we do inspections or tests
  • Invoice follow-up
  • Fully understand local needs